The essence of our competitive service is a well-balanced synergy between purchase and sales. The dynamics between the two requires for product category experts, who are able to see opportunities in their field. With extensive product range, we have acquired an expertise on product sourcing, market understanding and custom regulations.

Every product category manager at Bapus Shipping Agency Pvt Ltd is an expert on a specific product group and is continuously up-to-date on trends and developments. The Product category manager translates all the product related development to customer-oriented solutions. With these innovative on-spot and spur of the moment solutions, our customers are ensured the most favorable deal under optimized conditions.

By establishing our position as a prominent player in the wholesale market, our strength at Bapu's Group and Bapus Shipping Agency purchase is substantial.

Our team of buyers monitors 10,000 stock items as they apply their experience ensuring optimised deals resulting in to customer's advantage in price strategy.